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Book cover of poet Jacob Schepers's A Bundle of Careful Compromises. Dark green cover with text of the author's name, the title of the book, and the logo and name of the publishing press Outriders Poetry Project. In the center of the image is a oil painting of an elderly person's hunched back, upper left arm, and bottom of head in profile.
Cover of the BlazeVOX anthology My Next Heart, edited by Noah Falck and Justin Karcher. The cover has a gray bar with the title of the book on the lefthand side of the image. The central image is a skeletal figure with elongated arms against a grainy orange background. Above the figure are two children rolling a snowball.
A Bundle of Careful Compromises |

A Bundle of Careful Compromises (Outriders Poetry Project 2014) is a sequence of prose-poem elegies rife with medicinal gobbledygook appropriate for and challenging to the prevailing treatments of the insurance and healthcare system. Find it here.

Connections & Choreography |

In Connections & Choreography, Jacob Schepers assembles a textual experiment consisting of poetic fragments—lines and phrases—undergoing transformation across four rearrangements. "This is an example of movable type," one section announces, and while the chapbook’s formal innovative constraint may often seem to fit the bill as the prima donna of this imagined production, what ends up taking center stage is the lasting mystery of how poetic meaning forces its way out of an imposed straightjacket and ends up accumulating lyrical significance and inviting further introspection and interrogation. Find it here.

My Next Heart: New Buffalo Poetry | Anthology

My Next Heart is a poetry anthology showcasing writers with connections to Buffalo, New York.  The book, which includes my poem "[Ugly ground swell moss feels about you]," was edited by Noah Falck and Justin Karcher and published by BlazeVOX in 2017. Find it here and read more about it here.

An image of poet Jacob Schepers giving a poetry reading. The man has shoulder-length dark hair and wears a gray button down shirt with dark pants and shoes. He holds printed pages and speaks into a microphone. The background is of a dimly lit cafe.
The image shows poet Jacob Schepers at a poetry reading. He wears dark pants, a white button down shirt, a dark skinny tie, and a prop joke of an arrow through his head in the style of comedian Steve Martin. He is holding a banjo and singing into a microphone. Behind him is a large window with drawn curtains, ornate green wallpaper, a lamp, and a PA speaker.
The links below will bring you to a selection of my poems to be found in various literary journals:
An image of poet Jacob Schepers giving a poetry reading. The author is slender and clean shaven with swept back, medium length dark hair. He is wearing a white button down shirt and snapping dark suspenders. Behind the man is a wooden background and a screen with the words The Continuing Adventures of Ugly Ground & Swell Moss
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